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Thursday, December 03, 2009


The word has just reached me that sax player Darren Grainger passed away last night.
Darren, tenor player at right of picture, was, until recent months, a regular at the Wednesday night Take it to the Bridge sessions at the Chilli.
He'd had a traumatic time of it but it looked as though he'd been given the all-clear however, it wasn't to be.
He was a fine fellow and a good musician and he will be sadly missed.
Sincere condolences to family, friends and his very dear partner Marta.
Rest In Peace.


Eric Stutt said...

I met Darren about eight years ago at the Beamish Mary pub, and he was just getting together with his horn then, we had lots a chat and rapport.. Later I met Marta at the Chilly and she was lovely, they were soul mates. He will be sadly missed by all the gang..
RIP Darren..
Eric Stutt

Marta Roberts said...

Darren was a wonderful person, very kind and loving. He loved music and playing... I miss him greatly, RIP Dearest Darren xxx

Marta Roberts

Anonymous said...

To Darren family and Martha,

The Andall family send there deepest sympathy for your loss.
May he rest in peace.

Bill and family.

shepherdlass said...

RIP to one of the nicest people I ever met. Darren could communicate with anyone, both musically and personally. He was such a warm individual, and we were awed by his strength and positivity in what turned out to be his final months.

Deepest sympathy to Marta and to Darren's family.


Anonymous said...

We first met Darren one Sunday night eight or nine years ago at the Beamish Mary pub in the village of No Place, where we had a jazz workshop going under the name "No Place For Jazz". He'd had some prior experience in reading charts through playing in a big band at college, and he soon became a regular, getting to grips with improvisation, and improving all the time. He also played with young bands doing other types of music, and I once asked him how that contrasted with the jazz thing. "It's alright, Dave, I take a lot of what I learn with you guys and apply it there; it's all good." He was also known as "The Sax Machine", and did lots of gigs all over the Northeast, either with bands, or even playing solo saxophone using tracks, so a lot of people heard him over the years. We love and miss him a lot, and hope his soul will rest in peace. Dave - -Take It To The Bridge

Russell said...

Hi Lance

I'd say hello to Darren at gigs. A while ago we chatted about the difficult times he was having. He seemed to be a very positive, friendly bloke.


James Scurry - said...

I was saddened to hear the news of Darren Grainger's passing - as were several of my colleagues who knew him at Macmillan Cancer Support. I interviewed him last year for an article in the Royal Marsden Hospital's internal magazine, and he was wonderfully optimistic about life, and showed a true commitment to helping raise awareness for the disease. Deepest condolences to Darren's family and partner from all at Macmillan Cancer Support.

darren wood said...

i knew darren for several years as he was my form teacher and maths teacher at both parkway and linhope schools. every morning we would go into class and he'd be there always calm and colective no matter what. he was genuinely one of the most nicest kindest people you could ever meet. my fondest memory of darren was when our classroom assistant danny was leaving for pastures new he asked me if i wanted to go with him and get danny a farewell present, im pretty sure he never asked the head teacher for permission but darren as always was doing something nice for someone. we got him mike basett england manager the film. it sad of me to remember something like that but darren was such a stand up bloke i'll never forget. im sorry im posting this so long after his passing but i have only just found out. thanks for everything darren and sorry for any hard times we may of given you when we were at school.

Marta said...

Thanks, Lance for the info on the comment by Darren Wood on Darren. Currently I am in Poland on holiday, this is First time without Darren going to Poland so it's a bit hard...The message is wonderful and truly reflects what kind of person Darren really was. I have to say that I am still comming to terms with the loss of Darren and learning to be on my own... Apart from this I have had good time here in Poland trying to relax I have gone for four day course very near border with Bielaruss 800 meters away! doing yoga wich was great! Polish nature is incredibly beautiful and there are amazing forests. It is very hot here over 30 degrees! Regards, Marta

Carl said...

Just wanted to leave a message here. Sax-Man (as I knew him before he gave himself the Sax Machine nickname) would have been 40 yesterday.

I'd known him since '92, where we met at uni. There are far too many memories I have for me to list them all here, but Marta, if you're reading this, here's one: it was good to get you and Sax-Man to the Meza Bar in London. Great food, good company and conversation. I just wish it was under better circumstances.
Sax-Man, you rest in peace, boss.


Marta said...

Hi Carl!

It's Marta here, it is nice of you to continiue to remember Darren...
I know from Darren you and Him were good friends at Uni. If you would like to get in touch with me plese leave your no at this E-mail adress:

Take care Marta

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