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Friday, December 11, 2009

Calling Signals + MacDonald & Stakenas @ The Bridge Hotel.

Tonight we were spoilt for choice. Alison Moyet at The Sage, Horn Dogs at the Tyneside Irish Centre, Bob Caswell at Blaydon or Calling Signals + MacDonald and Stakenas at The Bridge.
Having recently re-joined the Jazz North East Committee I felt duty-bound to attend the latter event.
Hopefully, Russell will give us his take on the gig as it was totally beyond my comprehension.
If it hadn't been for the audience sitting looking profound and deadly serious I'd have thought it was a comedy act.
The irony of it is that there were brief flashes that indicated these guys could really play. Unfortunately those brief flashes were rarely executed simultaneously ('executed' how strangely appropriate that word seems...)
No, I'm afraid this parade has passed me by - does anyone have the number for the Jazz Police?

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