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In the current climate we are doing our best to keep everyone up to date. All gigs, as we all know, are off.

However, good old YouTube has plenty to offer both old and new to help us survive whilst housebound. Plus now is a good time to stock up on your CDs.

Also, keep an eye out for live streaming sessions.

Alternatively, you could do as they do in Italy and sing from your balcony.


As we all know there are no live gigs taking place in the immediate future. However, any links to jazz streaming that are deemed suitable - i.e. with a professional approach - will be considered for posting.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Don't show up at the Chilli tomorrow (Wednesday Dec. 9) as there is no performance by Take It To The Bridge this week. The room has been let out to a private party so the boys have a week to woodshed.
The following Wednesday - Dec. 16 - it is back to normal with an unmissable set by the Alan Glen Trio - Alan on piano, David Carnegie, drums and John Pope playing bass and wearing a cap simultaneously.
Dave and the gang open up and there will be a jam session to close.
A week later on Dec. 23 it is Xmas Party time with BUDVIVAR. Bring your Xmas Cracker or, failing that, a wife or girl friend.


Liz said...

no husbands or boyfriends then?!!!!!!

Lance said...

Only if they are someone else's!

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