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Mon 27: Harmony Brass @ Cullercoats Crescent Club. 1:00pm.

Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Some tasty jam at the Black Swan - Nov. 1

Alan Law (piano); Paul Grainger (bass); Tim Johnston (drums) + Graham Hardy, Edgar Bell (trumpets); David Gray*, Thomas ? (trombones); Andy Schumm, Esther Coombs (clarinets); Haaruun Miller, Nigel Greenwood** (alto sax); Steve Summers, Nick Gould (tenor sax); Adam Sams***, Jacob Egglestone (guitar); John Pope (bass); Jamie Watkins (bass guitar); Murray Wankling (piano); Kris Finney, Bailey Rudd, Will Pease (drums); Jan Spencelayh, Alice Grace, Dawn Furness, Katri(o)na ?, Alice Grace (vocals).

*David Gray sang and whistled. ** Nigel Greenwood also whistled. ***Adam Sams dueted vocally with David Gray on It's Only a Paper Moon.

What can I say? The above listing tells it all, or at least most of it! There was just so much going on that to give a blow by blow description would probably take me until next week and to single  anyone out would be an insult to the others who poured their heart and soul into it. Nevertheless, publish and be damned...

This jam could have started the night before and finished the day after and still have had people shouting for more. I counted at least 25 who wandered on and off the stage. There may have been more - every time I looked there seemed to be a different drummer.

They came from near and far. From Edinburgh, Tynemouth, Jarrow and other exotic places - even Chicago IL. Yes, Andy Schumm had just blown in from the Windy City which was no calamity and, preparatory to his appearance at this weekend's Classic Jazz Party and after declining the offer of a mic, blew hot clarinet - great sound.

There were singers-a-plenty. Alice Grace, Jan Spencelayh, Katrina, a first timer at the jam, impressed as did Dawn Furness. Last time I heard Dawn was back in 2015 when she sang and played piano at the old Jazz Café. At the time she seemed to be more operatically inclined than jazzified. This time round the balance was reversed and she even made that idiotic song Nature Boy into something special. 

Apart from Showtime's duet with Adam Sams, David also sang, by special request, A Hundred Years From Today. He took it faster than the original Teagarden version which didn't do any harm at all.

The final jam had the potential to be the jam to end all jams. Trumpet, clarinet, tenor, alto, trombone, guitar, bass, piano, drums, voice - all were times two or more. Had the night been longer we could have had some good old fashioned jousting. Ten choruses each and no holds barred - the sort of rumble that made Norman Granz a millionaire back in the heyday of JATP. As it was the fireworks still flew but imagine the Scottish champ Nick Gould slugging it out with Steve Summers who recently went the distance with Dave O'Higgins! Or the slidemen doing likewise...the permutations are endless. 

Next one is Nov. 15 - get there early. Lance


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