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Faye McCalman: "For a while I would hear other artists and feel that I need to be like that person, have what they have; but then I realised that everyone has their own thing and what I connect with most is when I can tell an artist is just being themselves." - (Jazzwise July 2021)

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Thu 24: Maine Street Jazzmen @ Sunniside Social Club, Gateshead (8:30pm).

Thursday, May 06, 2021

Archipelago - Echoes To The Sky NEWJAiM7 (CD + DL) June 2021

(Press release)

Faye MacCalman (tenor sax/clarinet/synth/vocals); John Pope (bass guitar/fx/vocals); Christian Alderson (drums/percussion)

Archipelago bring you ‘Echoes to the Sky’, released 25th June via New Jazz and Improvised Music Recordings.

The award-winning UK trio return with an expanded take on their genre-fusing sound, augmenting their core sax-drums-bass palette with voice, electronics and synth. Imagining new worlds where raw realities exist alongside surreal possibilities, ‘Echoes to the Sky’ is an album inspired by transformation, loss and a sense of hopeful mystery. 

The first full-length since 2017’s ‘Weightless’, this LP showcases the Newcastle group’s restless explorations; crafting new music originating from bandleader Faye MacCalman’s therapeutic (but, until now, private) habit of improvising songs at a piano.

Captured by engineer Mark Simms in Field Music’s recording facility in Sunderland, ‘Echoes to the Sky’ sees Archipelago embrace the journey they’ve made since playing their first shows, navigating islands of sound and unafraid to reinvent their music in real time.

Live set for London Jazz Festival 2021

New Jazz and Improvised Music Recordings

The New Jazz and Improvised Music Recordings project was established during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, offering a creative output for musicians when live performance opportunities were unavailable and encouraging artist independence

Emphasising sustainability for artists and music studios, the ethos of sustainability also carries through the production process by employing a carbon neutral manufacturing plant and distributors, using recycled and biodegradable materials whenever possible.

The New Jazz and Improvised Music Recordings project is brought to you from the director of

Newcastle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music.

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