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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Kansas Smitty's Supersize Band (part 2) - Dec. 31

(Screenshots courtesy of Ken Drew)

I missed part 1 but, on Russell's recommendation, I checked out part 2 and it was okay. Not quite what I was expecting but it was interesting if a little esoteric at times. 

Jas Kayser set out her stall on the her own Ku Variation soloing whilst Giacomo blew a riff on bass clarinet.

Will Cleasby joined her and the two drummers didn't get in each other's way - their duet on Passion Dance would have had the fans on the second balcony jumping had this been at The Apollo up in Harlem. Kit Downes on B3 also did the business on this one.

More basso clarinetto from Giacomo on Riders.

One of the best lockdown live streams happened when Joe Webb, Will Sach and Dave Archer paid tribute to Art Tatum. That evening was reprised tonight with Flying Home.

All of the numbers were interspersed with some great solos - these players are the tops.

Surprise guest was Damian Lewis, an actor of renown, who sang a tasty version of Dr. John's Such a Night. I wanted more but instead got Jalen N'Gonda who sang I've Got a Right to Sing the Blues, Here But I'm Gone and Bring it on Home to me. Jalen's a fine singer but 2 and 2 would have been fairer than 1 and 3.

Still, a very enjoyable hour. As long as we're confined to barracks I'll keep on watching but, I wonder, what will happen if/when we get back to normality. Will Smitty's return to actual premises or will they stick to streaming on a bring your own booze basis or will they do both?

The other question is will streaming kill off clubs the way online shopping is decimating city centres?


Dylan Jones (trumpet); Alec Harper (tenor sax); Giacomo Smith (alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet); Camilla George (alto sax); Dave Archer (guitar); Joe Webb (piano); Kit Downes (piano, organ); Ferg Ireland, Will Sach (double bass); Will Cleasby, Jas Kayser (drums); Jalen N'Gonda (vocals) + Damian Lewis (vocal).

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