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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Jazz Rehearsed: Adrian Cox live streaming from Golden Gator Jazz Cub - Dec. 16

Adrian Cox (clarinet, vocals); Sven-Erik Lundeqvist (piano).
(Screenshots by Ken Drew). 

A new venture! Tonight's Jazz Rehearsed launched a new collaboration between Swedish and British jazz musicians. Londoner Adrian Cox flew to Malmö, or a nearby airport, to participate in a first Jazz Rehearsed live stream from the Golden Gator Jazz Club linking London and Malmö.
Start with the Gershwins -
 Oh, Lady Be Good! Cox first met pianist Sven-Erik Lundeqvist in October. They resolved to work together, tonight was the night. Facilitated by Golden Gator Jazz Club founder Cecilia Löfberg, our duo's performance gave the appearance of the partnership having played countless gigs together. The truth of the matter is they probably had a brief rehearsal earlier in the day. 

It Had to be You, then a first Cox vocal of the evening, The Sheik of Araby. Our man dropped in an the anecdote of Sidney Bechet recording the number in 1941 with what was, in effect, multi-tracking tracking technology...there's nowt new under the sun, as they say. More vocals from AC on Rockin' Chair, all the while Lundeqvist playing fantastic piano. 

Time for some conversation. Cox confessed his command of Swedish was non-existent as he chatted to Cecilia Löfberg. Fortunately, Ms Löfberg's English was better than Adrian's! Our Swedish host is an enthusiast and a 'mover-and-shaker'. Embracing the internet, hearing Cox live streaming, an exchange of emails, next thing Löfberg had set up this gig. 

More music...Tea for Two followed by I'll See You in My Dreams. What a player Lundeqvist is! The Swede probably practices stride piano for a couple of hours before breakfast. Cox recalled visiting Sweden during his mammoth Profoundly Blue tour and chose to play a number form those days, The Man I Love

Lundeqvist knocked out another tremendous solo on Makin' Whoopee before Cox closed the show by dedicating Runnin' Wild to this evening's host, Cecilia Löfberg. This first Jazz Rehearsed live stream worked a treat, the audio-visual presentation as good as anything over the last nine months or so. More to come in January, watch this space.  


Anonymous said...

That’s not Jazz Refreshed!

Russell said...

Thanks 'Anonymous', well spotted!

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