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Charlotte Keeffe: "I don't know what I'm going to play any more than you [the audience] do." - (Jazz North East/Jazz Co-op gig June 13, 2021)

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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Kansas Smitty's Supersize Band (part 1) - Dec. 30

This was part one, part two is tonight at eight o'clock, don't miss it! To begin a review of a live stream by plugging another one speaks volumes. The Kansas Smitty's crew pulled out all the stops for this year ending double header. The usual suspects were present - Giacomo, Dave, Joe, Ferg, Will (that's drummer Will) - alongside Dylan Jones, Alec Harper, Camilla George and Kit Downes. 

Township to Kansas City swing to original composition, this 'supersize' Kansas Smitty's outfit had a ball. Over many months of live stream sessions 'main man' Giacomo Smith has shown his versatility: adept across the spectrum, a master of whichever horn he chooses to play. Jones (trumpet) and Harper (tenor sax) like to joust over who gets to light the blue touch paper. Either way, they can put on an explosive show. 
9:20 Special purred Kansas City 40s' style, Ferg Ireland's Impulses steered the ensemble in the direction of the here and now, Camilla George kept the boys in the present, contributing two compositions - The People Could Fly and Lunacity - until the pull of small combo Basie (Joe, piano, Dave, guitar, Ferg, bass, Will, that's Will Cleasby, drums) won out with a terrific take on Moten Swing

Guest Kit Downes joined Giacomo (clarinet) and bassist Ferg on Carla Bley's solemn Jesus Maria. Pianist Downes hung around to close part one in a piano duet with Joe Webb. Our pianists complemented one another on an unexpected choice, Paul McCartney's Blackbird. Excellent. More excellence tonight at 8:00pm. You'll find Kansas Smitty's Supersize Band Part 2 (including Jalen N'Gonda, Jas Kayser and a special guest) over on YouTube.
Dylan Jones (trumpet); Alec Harper (tenor sax); Giacomo Smith (alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet); Camilla George (alto sax); Dave Archer (guitar); Joe Webb (piano); Kit Downes (piano); Ferg Ireland (double bass); Will Cleasby (drums)  

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