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Tuesday, November 03, 2020

National Youth Jazz Collective

Ferg Kilsby, who in the early days of the first lockdown brightened up our Thursday evenings with sessions on the patio of the family des res (dad on bass guitar and brother Dom on drums), played trumpet at a Summer School this year with the National Youth Jazz Collective, which normally runs physically in Derbyshire but, like so much else this year, was held online!

They played in eight combos led by outstanding musicians and some of the resulting recordings can be heard on the next few Wednesday evenings on Facebook - link.*

Ferg's combo (led by Kathy Dyson of Leeds Conservatoire) are on tomorrow night (Wednesday Nov. 4) at 6:00 pm playing their take on Jonathan Kreisberg's The Spin.

Worth giving it a look in.

* Spot Ferg in the photo!

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