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Thursday, November 05, 2020

Liane Carroll & Roger Carey: Live stream - Nov. 5

Liane Carroll (piano/vocal); Roger Carey ( bass guitar).

I was anticipating Claire Martin and Jim Mullen at Ronnie's but that one got pulled so that was that. Then I remembered that Liane and Roger were live-streaming or, to be more exact, they reminded me and her other Facebook followers that they were doing their midweek giglet. 

That was the good news. The bad news was that I'd missed the first 35 minutes nevertheless, what I heard was PDG!

Was this 2020 or was it 1962? Was I In Jarrow or in a legendary Newcastle blues club where "Jarra Lad" Alan Price part composed a song about the Club aGoGo (there's a variety of alternative spellings and this is but one of them!)? No, I was in Hebburn listening to Roger and Liane's take on that very same song. Roger vocal, Liane boogieing on piano. Somewhere along the line it morphed into A Whole Lot of Shakin'.

Next up Tom Waits (he's everywhere) and Take me Home - nice one...

Top Cat (an old TV programme) was a killer! Roger took the vocal Liane caught the ball and ran with it scatting it out for a touchdown.

Finally, Orange Colored Sky. I've never heard anyone sing the middle eight at such a lick - twice! She'd need a liedown in a darkened room after that one!

I certainly did!

The whole set can be heard on Liane Carroll's Facebook page. Facebook, incidentally, seems to be behaving itself these days.



Ann Alex said...

Lance, Like your friend Shakespeare used to do, you've cleverly invented a word GIGLET. Much neater than, say, minigig. May it be used all the time!

Lance said...

Ann, like George Washington and unlike Donald Trump, I cannot tell a lie. The word "Giglet" is Liane Carroll's not mine.

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