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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Album review: James Hamilton Jazz Orchestra - Yorkshire Suite

Recorded live in 2015 at Seven Arts Leeds in response to a commission by Jazz Yorkshire for that year's festival, the fruits of their efforts lay untouched until the pandemic found work for idle hands and Hamilton took the time at his disposal to eventually mix the four movements of the suite.

It was well worth the effort. The end product is a masterpiece of composition and the soloists add to it.
The Dales gives a fair picture of that beautiful part of the county with solos from Orme, Dennis, Howard (bari sax) and l'anson helping to depict its changing moods.

Thrifty features Kim Macari and Anderson. Didn't Matt also compose a Yorkshire based suite some years back? This one's a bit of a swinger.

In between movements 2 and 3 there is what Hamilton describes as Transition. It's a short free for all - well for some - or maybe they were tuning up!

Tell It As It Is sounds remarkably like Abide With Me, that well known hymn sung at cup finals and funerals. Hang about, it is Abide With Me - they wouldn't get away with this version at a funeral! Didn't Monk also record it at one time?

Finally, Home is All a Place Can Hope to be. Ellis, Dennis and Ball handle the solos and the ensemble builds up towards a tremendous climax - almost. With, I guessed at 8/16 bars to go it stops - a sort of musical coitus interruptus. If this was intentional then I apologise for the spoiler!

It's available on Dec. 7 via the link below. You are not going to believe the cost - £1.50 for a CD or 50p for a download! This will cover costs and, really, in fairness it's worth a whole lot more so if you can afford it stick a bit extra on the top.

Mark Ellis, Cat Miles, Matt Anderson, Will Howard, Rob Mitchell (saxes); Gareth Smith, Simon Dennis, Kim Macari, Simon Beddoe  (trumpets); Matt Ball, Stuart Garside, Tom I'anson, Chris Dale (trombones); Harry Orme (guitar); Aron Kyne (piano); John Marley (bass); Steve Hanley (drums); James Hamilton (conductor). 

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