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Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Tonight's Blue Note: Clifford Brown - Memorial Album.

(By Lance).

Originally released on 4 x 10" LPs from two sessions and subsequently  condensed onto a 12 incher these represent a fitting memorial to one who, along with Fats Navarro and Dizzy, defined bebop trumpet playing. Miles was still in the embryo stage and who knows that, but for the tragic automobile accident that took his young life, he wouldn't have been the greatest of them all?

Conjecture, I know, but these 1953 sessions present a strong case.

The supporting cast were all - or about to become - superstars in their own right. Donaldson's rendition of You Go To My Head is pure lyricism and Brownie's solo on the same tune isn't bad either although it's his feature on Easy Living where his balladic playing really comes to the fore. 

Gigi Gryce is probably a forgotten name now but, back in the day, he was considered an innovative composer - one of his compositions was Social Call later sung by Jon Hendricks with Cannonball and Alice Grace with SSBB and his Parker inspired alto added much to many sessions.

This is a fitting memorial to the man who inspired Benny Golson to write I Remember Clifford.

Clifford Brown was killed in an automobile accident near Bedford on the Pennsylvania Turnpike on June 26, 1956. Coincidentally, it just happened to be the very day that I enlisted into the RAF (National Service - remember that?) If I'd known what was happening over in Bedford, Pennsylvania it might have put into perspective what was going on at Bedford, England (RAF Cardington).  "At the double, present arms, thank gawd we got rid of 'itler - he'd 'ave pissed all over you lot!"

Yes, I have fonder memories of Clifford Brown than those of a certain Drill Instructor who will remain nameless in case he survived all the death threats.
AC2 Lance.

I think I'm going to have to employ a security guard - this one's listed at 250 bucks! Would I sell it? You could email me if it was going to a good turntable

Clifford Brown (trumpet); Lou Donaldson (alto sax); Elmo Hope (piano); Percy Heath (bass); "Philly" Joe Jones (drums). June 9, 1953.

Clifford Brown (trumpet); Gigi Gryce (alto sax/flute); Charlie Rouse (tenor sax); John Lewis (piano); Percy Heath (bass); Art Blakey (drums). August 28, 1953.

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