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Monday November 23



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Monday, March 30, 2020

Bombay Jazz

First broadcast on Radio 4 in 2014, Bombay Jazz is a fascinating half hour documentary about the jazz scene in Bombay, India spanning the 1930s through to the post-WWII years. Sarfraz Manzoor travels to India to meet some of those closely associated with the story. Tune to Radio 4 Extra tonight (Monday) at 8:30. 

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Steve Andrews said...

Pity Brian Fisher's no longer with us - he spent part of WW11 in India and was a regular visitor to the Taj Mahal Hotel in Bombay which featured Teddy Weatherford's Orchestra. Brian knew several of the members such as sax-players Reuben Solomon, Roy Butler and Rudy Cotton, Teddy himself, and Cedric West the guitarist, and used to talk about the night that an American serviceman called Paul Gonsalves sat in on a borrowed alto, and then played guitar with the band as well!

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