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Today Tuesday June 25



Classic Swing - The Ship Inn, Front Street, Monkseaton NE25 8DP. 0191 251 3677. 1:00pm. Free.


Jam Session - Black Swan Bar, Newcastle Arts Centre, 59 Westgate Rd., Newcastle NE1 1SG. Tel. 0191 222 9882. 8:00pm. Free. Trio Alan Law, Paul Grainger, John Bradford.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Paul Edis Sextet @ Hoochie.

Paul Edis (keys); Graeme Wilson (ten); Graham Hardy (tpt); Chris Hibbard (tmb); Mick Shoulder (bs); Adam Sinclair (dms).
What can I say? I've reviewed the CD, Reviewed the Launch and now here I am in love again reviewing tonight's gig at Hoochie Coochie..
Hoochie is different to other "jazz venues". Unlike, say, the Bridge or the Lit and Phil, or the Corner House it isn't populated by reverential fans paying lip service to their heroes - although there were some tonight (not all of whom paid lip service in the best possible way - by buying drinks!) - Hoochie is about folk coming out and having a good time and if that good time incorporates music they may not always have listened to so much the better. The point I'm getting at here is sure, sit in sepulchral silence at a concert, but in a non specialist club don't expect the hungovers from the previous night's soul/funk/rock 'n rave to do the same just because it's jazz.. Jazz may be our Holy Grail but to Joe Public and his bit on the side it's just another branch of music.
So, after all that, it was good, well attended, and the band played out of their skulls.
End of story.
Next week it's Lickety Split - another great band.

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