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Monday, March 12, 2012

CD Review: Paul Booth - Trilateral

Trio 1: Paul Booth (ten); Matt Brewer (bs); Clarence Penn (dms).
Trio 2: Paul Booth (ten);Ross Stanley (org); Andrew Bain (dms).
Trio 3: Paul Booth (ten/sop); Phil Robson (gtr); Adriano Adewale (perc.)
Three different trios, three tracks each with a tri-related title. Add a 33 year old leader and you have a truly tritanic affair!
As the person who sold Paul (or rather his dad) his first tenor sax I feel perversely proud of his achievements of which this disc is a grand endorsement of where he's at today.
Each trio brings a different approach. Brewer and Penn lay back and let Booth meander meaningfully through some delightful musical countryside.
The organ trio is a different ball game Stanley brings out the beast in Booth and both men go for the jugular egged on by Bain - power playing by all three. Having said that, The Mingus piece (Self Portrait in Three Colours) is perhaps the most beautiful track on the album. The tone clean, the ideas seemingly effortless with Stanley bringing an almost cathedral-like presence to the track
Phil Robson's guitar lines prove the perfect foil for Booth to unleash his melodic side once more. Robson too has some intricate lines of his own.
Of the nine compositions six are by Booth plus Osvoldo Farres' Tres Palabras, Mingus' Self Portrait in Three Colours and Nick Drakes' Three Hours.
This is a Five star disc but, playing the numbers game I'll give it 15!
Paul Booth's Trilateral (Pathway Records PBCD 0103) is to be released on April 16 with the official launch at the 606 Club, London SW10 0QD, on April 19.

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