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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rosier than ever at Rosie's with the Maine Street Jazzmen.

Olive Rudd (vcl), Herbie Hudson (tmb/vcl/hca), Jim McBriarty (clt), Malcolm Armstrong (pno), Alan Rudd (bs), Mike Humble (dms).
It was standing room only today at Rosies. The good weather, World Cup euphoria, and a band that plays the best jazz south of the North Shields' Levee possibly the contributory factors along with Everard's Tiger ale.
Even without Ray on trumpet the band generated a tremendous sound albeit, at times, they strayed from Dixieland to Skiffleland (It Takes a Worried Man..). Great afternoon.
Olive excelled on June Night, I Got Rhythm, Swing That Music and - directed at me personally - I Wished on the Moon (sigh...).
As always, Malcolm Armstrong played his brand of Ralph Sutton, Bob Zurke, to great effect - man of the match today.
It was one of those days when you wanted the whole world to hear what was going on in South Shields but, although I tried, my non iphone failed miserably.

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Liz said...

But you gave it a go well done!

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