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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tal Farlow on KRML

I listen to KRML a lot although I have yet to phone the late night guy and ask him to 'Play Misty For Me'.
Tonight, DJ Jim Bourne, featured guitarist Tal Farlow. A timely reminder of just what a fine player he was.
Tal, I think, played at least twice in Newcastle. I recall seeing him with Red Norvo in a trio completed by bass guitarist Derek Dixon. That was at Gosforth Civic Centre. He also played with Bill le Sage at the Corner House.
The KRML program featured a host of goodies from a 7 CD Mosaic boxed set and included early tracks with Norvo and Mingus, a track with Barry Galbraith on rhythm and some with Eddie Costa on piano. These were all gems and complimented one of my favourite LPs - Up, Up and Away by Sonny Criss, Tal Farlow, Cedar Walton, Bob Cranshaw and Lenny McBright. A superb Prestige album from the mid-sixties that is well worth searching out.
There's also some Tal on YouTube where he does play Misty - and how!

1 comment :

Roly said...

I remember a concert at the Corner House with Tal playing. I think it might have also have been with Syd Warren's Quintet with Willie Payne. Anyway it ended up as a Farlow/Payne duo concert which was wonderful. Willie played at the top of his game (strong Wes influence of course) and both guitarists treated those present to a wonderful evening of jazz guitar. The mutual respect of each player was palpable.
I think Willie worked at DHSS Longbenton and on retiring eventually went back to the West Indies. I heard a few years back he had passed away. Is it true he came over to London initially with Winifred Atwell? I think it would be fitting to gather information on Willie Payne - a legendary player who happened to settle on Tyneside.

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