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Sunday, June 20, 2010

ACV - Splinter @ The Bridge

Graeme Wilson (ten/bar), Paul Edis (keys), Andy Champion (bs), Mark Williams (gtr), Adrian Tilbrook (dms).
An excellent turnout for an excellent band who, as expected, delivered the goods.
On some numbers, ACV coax and caress before exploding with an orgasmic release into a glorious cacophony of sound.
On others, the crescendo precedes the diminuendo lulling us, the listener, into a brief feeling of tranquillity before being thrown once more into the musical maelstrom.
Driven on by Adrian - who erupts like a mad metronome on methadone - the soloists take a trip. Mark to Clapton, Graeme on a 'Trane, Paul flying a virtual Hammond B3 and Champion the Wonder Bass walking the dog - sometimes an Afghan Hound other times a snarling Pit Bull - till it could walk no more.
Great stuff and who cares that it's as much rock 'n funk as it is jazz - whatever that is in this day and age - check out their CD Fail In Wood on the Jazzaction label.

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Roly said...

Exhilarating stuff. Phew!

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