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Thursday, June 17, 2010

When It's Sleepy Time (not) Down South Shields

Herbie Hudson (tmb/hca/vcl), Jim McBriarty (clt/vcl), Malcolm Armstrong (pno), Alan Rudd (bs), Mike Humble (dms), Olive Rudd (vcl).
Even without Ray Harley - back in Portugal - the gang blew up a storm on this very hot afternoon. The music matched the temperature.
Herbie wailed on harp producing notes he didn't learn from Larry Adler as well as some trombone he did pick up from Kid Ory onwards.
Jim McBriarty should be paid double! Clarinet players in Dixie bands not only have to play official solos they also, in effect, solo during the ensembles! Bravo Jim.
Piano, bass and drums can lay claim to being the world's most solid Dixie rhythm section.
And Olive!
Well she wrapped her troubles in dreams, locked away her heart and threw away the key yet still was able to wax eloquent about the prevailing blue skies.
Perfect summer's day.

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