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Thursday, June 24, 2010

R.I.P. Stan Martin

Unfortunately a bit of bad news. Just had a call to say Stan Martin passed away last night.
As most of you will know Stan was a great tenor and clarinet player and also a fine pianist (except he only played on the black notes, I backed him once and everything was in 5 sharps or 6 flats!)
He spent lengthy periods in the Panama Jazzmen and the River City Jazzmen, and had a fine quartet at the Airport Social Club in later days.
Not sure yet about funeral arrangements.
Alan Rudd.


Anonymous said...

God bless Stan Martin a fine musician, sad news indeed, he always used to call me kid no matter how many years passed by, he will be missed on the jazz scene in the North East.

Colin Aitchison
(Hong Kong)

Lance said...

I remember Stan playing with the River City Jazzmen at the Breda Jazz Festival in Holland. Not only did the band win first prize in the competition but Stan was judged to be the best soloist.
Sadly missed.

Roly said...

I never heard Stan play a weak solo. He always seemed to conjure up excellent solos, every gig, every tune.

Catherine Martin said...

Hi thanks for your comments just came across this whilst googling grandad and his jazz out of interest. Nice to know he's still so highly thought of I'm sure he's thrilled.

Catherine Martin said...

Funeral 12.15 at the crem in Newcastle and then afterwards at Benwell Cricket Club opposite. announcement to be made in Chronicle Monday night.

Gordon Solomon said...

Hi Lance, - just heard about Stan. As you know he played for the River City for many years, and I know that we all rated him the tops, whether on clarinet or tenor sax. He always gave 100%, never stopped trying and maintained his enthusiasm for as long as he was able to perform. He had a heart problem for some years, and I remember the last gig we played together,when he passed out in the middle of a tenor solo. His first words when he came round were "I suppose this means I don't get paid!". Needless to say we made sure that Stan was paid. He was a talented musician, sadly missed.

John Taylor said...

Pete Sanderson, Jim Charlton and all at Ashington Jazz Club send their condolences. Lots of great sessions at the Elephant in the early days with the River City Jazzmen
Stan's Joke that we all remember - "Earl Bostic was really stuck on playing the sax"!

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