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Saturday January 16


Monday, November 09, 2009

Vieux Carré Jazzmen @ Corner House

Mike Durham (tpt/vcl), Lawrence McBriarty (tmb), Barry Soulsby (clt/vcl), Brian Bennett (bjos), Brian Sibbald (bs), Fred Thompson (dms/vcl).
Circumstances decreed that I could only stay for the first set nevertheless, it was an enjoyable enough experience with Barry doing a passable vocal on "Home" - once he'd cottoned on to which notes went up and which went down. No such problems with his clarinet solo which was excellent.
Fred sang an unforgetable number - the title of which escapes me - and Lawrence blew a fine shouting trombone chorus on the same.
Mike pressed all the right valves on "Bugle Boy March" and Brian B tonight had two banjos with him. This is probably because he is doing so many gigs he fears that one of the instruments may get worn out.
Joking aside, nobody does it better than these guys do on a Monday night in Heaton.

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