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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Saxophone Sayings.

"Its principle merit is the beautiful variety of its accent; deep and calm, passionate, dreamy, melancholic, like an echo of an echo ... that curious sonority perched on the limit of silence." Hector Berlioz speaking shortly after its invention in 1846.
"Moaning like a sinner on revival day." W.C. Handy.
"The embodiment of the spirit of beer." Arnold Bennett.
The above sayings are from Mike Zwerin's book "Close Enough For Jazz". Quartet Books 1983.


Miles said...

The Saxophone was invented for people who couldn't play the trumpet or needed to fix the pipework under the sink.

Lance said...

The trumpet is for people who can't 'reed'.

Roly said...

"Never trust someone with a fast vibrato"

Lance said...

Why doesn't someone invent a saxophone capo?

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