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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Take it to the Bridge - Wednesday 4th November Chillingham, Heaton

Sadly we only made it for the second half of this sparsely attended gig, everyone else was probably with Lance Liddle down at the Cluny.
When Caz and I arrived we increased the audience by a good 40%!
There is, however, something quite nice and intimate about nights like this. The attenuated band featured Dave (trumpet and vocals) Eric Stutt (drums) Barry Ashcroft (bass gtr) and Chris Finch (keyboard).
First up was Angel Eyes with some really nice stuff from Eric - subtle brushes changing to sticks on the closed hi-hat for Dave's solo. This was followed by My Romance, Once I loved and finally Well You Needn't. This last rendition featured some unusual chords from Chris in the bridge - a major tonality with an almost bluegrass quality - a surprise on the ear, but good, unusual and original.
No Darren Grainger - who is, it seems, back in hospital. Our love and best wishes, as always. And with such a small audience it was almost a forgone conclusion that I'd win the raffle. It is always nice to siphon off some of Dave's amazing collection of music this time Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker. Result!

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cptfinch said...

Thanks for the encouraging comments! I really enjoyed the evening even though the audience was very small. For most of the evening the only paying customer was Charlie - a music lover just moved to Heaton from France.

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