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Dave Gelly: “From 1 January 1920, when prohibition was imposed in the US, people didn’t stop drinking, they just stopped drinking legally.” – (Jazz Journal October 2017).

Regina Carter: “When I was a teenager, I would daydream about going out on a date and dancing to Ella’s music.” (Down Beat October 2017).

Today Monday November 20


Jazz in the Afternoon - Cullercoats Crescent Club, 1 Hudleston, Cullercoats NE30 4QS. Tel: 0191 NE30 4QS. 1:00pm. Free.

Classic Swing - Marquis of Granby, Streetgate, Sunniside NE16 5ES. Tel: 0191 488 0954. 1:00pm. Free.




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Sunday, April 06, 2014

GIJF – Day One Late Night Club @ the Jazz Café. April 4/5

(Review by Russell)
Gone midnight. The walk from Sage Gateshead across the Swing Bridge, up Side, along the ‘Diamond Strip’ (lacking in diamonds only) to Pink Lane is to see life in all its forms – the beggar, the party animal, the Balkan street musician, the inebriated, ‘exit/entry technicians’ (bouncers), boom box boy racers, fast food outlets, pigeons up for a feast. The Gateshead International Jazz Festival’s late night venue has moved around in recent years, this year the recently re-opened Jazz Café welcomed the nighthawks. 
A familiar face on the door, a familiar face at the bar, few people in. Hmm. Rivet Catcher out of stock, at our barman’s suggestion, Mordue’s Workie Ticket the dep. The Alan Law Trio (aka ALT) – Law (piano), John Pope (double bass) and drummer Jonathan Marriott – worked as the house trio taking a spell from time to time allowing others to sit in. And no shortage of sitters in. Pete Gilligan knocked seven bells out of the upright, Eric Stutt waited his turn and did a sterling job as did his fellow sticks man Jeff Armstrong. Bassist Pope excelled on Nature Boy (Pope the only one to work the entire session – extra rations for the man!) and upon the arrival of Sarah Travena (soprano) Law called for a blues in F. The applause for Ms T could be heard three blocks away. This is the stuff of jam  sessions! And more…Kath Lowdon, sitting near the fire exit, took the mic, remained seated and improvised a soulful vocal along the lines of …’I’m not gonna fight it’. Fantastic! An ‘I was there’ moment. 
The excitement-o-meter went off the scale as trombone dynamo David Gray got up. The bone man’s drummer friend – a new face – sat in. The name? Michael Mather. The guys went round and round on Sunny, jam session style. Gone two o’clock up stepped Lindsay Hannon. In a Sentimental Mood, Hannon style – class (glass in hand!). Travena seated at a table, chords displayed on her mobile phone in place of sheet music, played some more soprano, Gray’s slide slowed, careful not to deal a knockout blow to the seated punters. More, more! Hannon stayed on, what to play? Mercy, Mercy, Mercy. A plea from Pope to ‘play it properly’ (switching to five-string electric). So they did, solos all. Gone two thirty, lights up, time to go. The late night session at the Jazz Café resumes Saturday night into Sunday morning.       

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