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Monday, January 03, 2022

All the cats join in - Part Two

It's no secret that myself and some others in the jazz fraternity are cat people. The heading of this post relates to a Disney cartoon - Make Mine Music -featuring the music of Benny Goodman. It was also the title of one of Buck Clayton's legendary jam session albums (see previous post).

The above pic shows the late Ebony playing some licks on clarinet, my present cat Daphne reading JazzTimes and Ginger, her predecessor, reading DownBeat.

Tony Roberts tells me his cat's previous owners named Sid after a nasty punk rocker. Tony loves both Count Basie and Stan Kenton but Sid is more selective. If Tony puts on a Basie record Sid likes to sit on one of the speakers but if it's a Kenton record Sid can't get through the cat flap fast enough!

Some cats know which gives a lead in to Peggy Lee and Zoë Gilby who both gave Some Cats Know a workout and Pegs also hit for a lifetime supply of Whiskers with He's a Tramp.

I recall Zoë's mum Hilary mentioning that she'd once told Dizzy Gillespie that she'd named her cat after him. Dizzy was flattered and I bet the pussy cat was too!

I found this one on Pete Tanton's F/b page - hope he doesn't mind - of his lovely cat Harris.

Wingy Manone recorded Stop the War Them Cats Are Killing Themselves

Here's Jen Errington's cat Duke. Duke Errington, get it?

Cats may be cool, purring creatures but I think my cat Daphne would give any pit bull one helluva fight - I've got the scars to prove it! Lance


Russell said...

Did Cat Anderson have a dog?

Lance said...

When Cat hit those double top Cs dogs ran for cover and the crystal was locked away!

Ann Alex said...

Lovely cat photos. My cat Plato 1978-1993 only ever heard folk music as I wasn't then into jazz. Good to see Jen's cat which is beautiful, as I've heard a lot about Duke.
Lance you could run a competition about what the cats are thinking eg Pete Tanton's cat is thinking 'I don't like that chord that he's playing!'

Jen said...

Hi Ann
Good to hear from you. Yes I still can't believe how handsome Duke is!" I've just sent a picture to Lance with the keyboard Duke has just finishing playing - he's exhausted lounging on the back of the chair. One of his favourite songs is "I've got my love to keep me Warm" I paid tribute to that at our IJV gig in December - I've got my Duke to Keep me, I've got my Duke to keep me, I've got my

Hopefully more of Lance's stories on Cats still to come.

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