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Today Wednesday February 26


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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Splinter @ The Bridge - ACV (not AVC!)

Graeme Wilson (ten/bar), Mark Williams (gtr), Paul Edis (keys), Andy Champion (bs), Adrian Tilbrook (dms).
I must confess I approached tonight's SATB session with reservations. Admittedly the 5 musicians involved are among the brightest stars in the Jalaxy (intentional - jazz and galaxy get it?) but, knowing Andy and Graeme's predilection for Jazz Sans Frontieres I feared tonight could have been 'a Bridge Hotel too far' - for me at least..
And for awhile I thought my misgivings were justified. The music meandered somewhat with very little from Mark Williams which is like signing Wayne Rooney and putting him in goal. Paul Edis too seemed to be on the bench for much of the first half
However, it gradually built up to a climactic midway point with a dramatic baritone blast from Graeme on Well You Needn't that brought everything together. It was at this point I relaxed and let the waves of sound wash over me.
The second half was a whole different ball game - it was a let's go for it from the start mode resulting in some incredible solos, fantastic interplay by all five musicians, changes of mood and tempo; impossible to single anyone out they all played so fantastically free yet within a tight structure.
Congrats too to Cathy and John on their Ruby Wedding - jazz needs more supporters with the enthusiasm of these two.


Hil said...

Hi Lance, thought I should mention its ACV.

Lance said...

Whoops! Thanks Hil - I will amend the error of my ways accordingly.

mark williams said...

Hi lance, thanks for review on album. Nice one. P.s. In ACV review i think the tune was Hackensack not Well you neednt. See ya soon. Mark

Lance said...

Hackensack it was! similarities though.
Think I'll go back to bed!