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Thursday, March 18, 2010

GIANTS STILL WALK THE EARTH - at least they do in South Shields. MAINE STREET JAZZMEN @ Rosie Malone's

Ray Harley (tpt), Herbie Hudson (tmb/vcl/hca), Jim McBriarty (clt/vcl), Malcolm Armstrong (pno), Alan Rudd (bs), Tommy Graham (dms), Olive Rudd (vcl).
One thing about a jazz gig is that you never know who is going to walk through the door.
Today, at Rosie's, who should that person be but legendary drummer ERIC DELANEY!
Eric (pictured left with myself), who regularly topped the MM polls and led a successful big band in the 1950s, was visiting South Shields and where else is there to go in Shields on a Thursday afternoon?
I had a good chat with him - he's playing with Digby and the ace baritone player from LondonJazz - at Ronnie's on Sunday. His enthusiasm for the music is undiminished.
He didn't sit in (unless it occurred after I left) but was keen to do some gigs up here. Eric's the most spritely 86 year old I've ever come across so I reckon he would slot in very nicely with any of the local bands.
On the stand, apologies if I've given you short measure today, the Maine Street were swinging as ever with Fidgety Feet outstanding.
A grand afternoon in the presence of a gentleman.


Russell said...

Hi Lance

Well, it sounds like one of those occasions, even without ED being on the bandstand, that would have many saying ''I wish I'd been there''.


Liz said...

What a thrill! Delaney's delight was Lance's delight!

Brian Bennett said...

Trombonist, Ronnie McLean, told me this tale which he said Eric personally told him. It's the early 1980's and Eric arrives at a CIU Working Man's Club in West Durham where he is booked to perform with his band that evening. He enters the club and is immediately apprehended by the doorman who demands to know whether he's a member and if not he'd have to be signed in. Eric said, "I'm Eric Delaney the drummer and I'm performing here this evening with my band. I'd like to see the concert room and the stage before we set up". The doorman replied, (West Durham pitmatic accent) "Aall reet, bonny laad, follow me! By the way, will ye be bringin' yer own kit, or are ye usin' Albert's"
Fact or fiction? Either way it's a good story.

Lance said...

I worked with Ronnie McLean for several years and I recall him telling me the story. I would guess at it being the 1970s.
It may have came to Ronnie via Bobby Carr who i think worked with Eric.

Hil said...

Didn't our late friend the wonderful Malcolm Saul play with the band as well?

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