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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

So Who's Minding the Baby?

I'd spent the early evening rehearsing with the Chilli Road Band. It was a good rehearsal and I felt in the mood for more music. I'd semi-promised to go down to the New Crown Hotel in South Shields to catch Ruth Lambert and the Customs House Big Band doing their open rehearsal thing. Indeed, having missed Ruth and the band's, by all reports well received, session at Blaydon last week I felt that it was my duty to go!
However, I'd also promised to look in at Stepney's - a pub in the heart of student diggeryland - where the music graduates from Gateshead College were unveiling their talents to the world. So, accompanied by Russell and Paul Bream, I ventured down some relatively new mean streets passing the intriguingly named Nancy's Bordello en route to the wharehouse like structure that is Stepney's.
I only had time to hear a couple of numbers by Splint'a's - a 9 piece band.
Didn't catch any names but I discovered later, not much later, that the cool guy in the suit was one Jimmy O'Neill. Jimmy sang Sunny and Moondance whilst I was there.
Two great tunes and Jimmy did okay. Nice soprano solo from one of the saxes.
A glance at my watch and South Shields beckoned so I left Russell to take copious notes on the rest of the evening whilst I sped eastwards.
The Customs House Band were in good form as they kicked off their second set with Have You Met Miss Jones. A good stomping arrangement that showed off the band's precision section work to perfection.
Ruth chipped in with I've Got The World on a String - our girl was in good voice. Later she revitalised Blue Moon, Hard Hearted Hannah and S'wonderful.
In between vocals the band paid tribute to Buddy Rich with Big Swing Face, Basie with The Kid From Red Bank whilst tenorist Alan Marshall nodded towards Coleman Hawkins with his take on Body and Soul.
Talking to Ruth between numbers I told her about Stepney's.
"My partner's singing there". she said.
Jimmy O'Neill!
Small world eh?
But I still don't know who's minding the baby - maybe he's got a gig of his own.

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