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Friday, March 12, 2010

Daryl Sherman and Digby Fairweather Trio @ Saville Exchange North Shields

Daryl Sherman (pno/vcl), Digby Fairweather (cornet), Dominic Ashworth (gtr), LEN Skeat (bs).
Digby referred to Daryl as 'the world's greatest jazz singer'. A controversial statement but, after tonight's performance, there would be few who would argue against it!
Imagine a combination of Diana Krall, Blossom Dearie and maybe just a touch of Martha Raye (ask your grandparents). Add some quality stride piano, an exquisite choice of tunes and the indefatigable Digby Fairweather then, aided and admirably abetted by Len Skeat and Dominic Ashworth, you have the recipe for an evening of undiluted pleasure.
If you doubt me - get on the phone and order a ticket for tomorrow (Saturday March 13) night's gig at Gosforth and find out for yourself.
From the moment Daryl parked it on the piano stool and went into In A Mellow Tune I knew this was going to be one of those nights. Getting to Know You, It Might As Well Be Spring, So Nice to Come Home To, Midnight Sun, Jeepers Creepers, Talk of the Town, Flying Down To Rio, an emotive Here's That Rainy Day sung with only bass accompaniment, At The Jazz Band Ball made for a first set that really got me wondering why this wasn't the headline gig at the Sage Festival!
Daryl Sherman, a long time resident pianist at the Waldorf in New York slotted easily into the marginally less salubrious surroundings of North Shield's Saville Exchange and proved to be very approachable - no prima donna she. She even confessed to being familiar with this very site!
Likewise Digby - Ruby Braff with technique - he was the perfect foil both solo wise and in support. They were the two stars yet, paradoxically in the second set, Bassist Skeat and guitarist Ashworth got the biggest round of applause for their duo take on Black Orpheus. It was well deserved and appreciated by the other two.
I'm Beginning to See the Light opened up the second set and, as well as Rockin' Chair, You Turned the Tables on Me, Do Nothing Till you Hear From Me there were lesser known items such as Swingtime in Honolulu, Doin' the New Lowdown and Mister Bojangles.
After a tear up Them There Eyes, for an encore - Underneath the Arches! It was beautiful with the audience joining in the choruses led by Digby!
I don't think I need go much further for my gig of the year - unless it turns out to be tomorrow night at Gosforth Trinity Centre!


The LondonJazz site said...

Sounds like a lot of fun Lance - but doesn't Mrs Skeat's little boy actually answer to the name of Len?

Lance said...

Of course! Bill was the late sax playing Skeat who died 1999.

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