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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kairos 4tet - Schmazz @ The Cluny.

Adam Waldmann (sop/ten), Ivo Neame (keys), Jasper Hoiby (bs), Jon Scott (dms).
On the plus side I stayed until the death which I don't always manage at Schmazz gigs. Sometimes when I hear the more contemporary sounds associated with Schmazz gigs I feel the parade has passed me by!
Tonight, however, the music was within the bounds of comprehension.
Good players all although I would have liked to hear more tenor from Waldmann - Adam gets a good sound on the instrument. Still his soprano playing was okay, facile and creative. 
On keys, Neame had some monumental flights likewise Jasper the Bass and drummer Scott.
Four great musicians, excellent  original compositions yet... ...somehow it didn't totally gel for me.
On a non-musical note and this is a crit that applies to many local bands - is it really necessary to introduce the band five times during a gig?
On another, more sombre note, Paul Bream announced that Schmazz has lost its supportive grant from the Arts Council...

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