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Today Monday February 17



Jazz in the Afternoon - Cullercoats Crescent Club, 1 Hudleston, Cullercoats NE30 4QS. Tel: 0191 253 0242. 1:00pm. Free admission.



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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Many Splendored Thing - The Alan Glen Trio & Take It To The Bridge @ The Chilli.

Alan Glen (pno), John Pope (bs), David Carnegie (dms).
Dave Weisser (tpt), Doug Fielder (ten), Chris Finch (pno), Barrie Ascroft (bs.gtr), Malcolm Dick (dms).
+ Dan Reed (dms), David Carnegie (pno).
I wish the Alan Glen Trio had played Too Marvelous for Words tonight - it would have summed up their entire performance - they were, as always, just too very very etc. As it was we had...
Love is a Many Splendored Thing: taken up-tempo it got things going 'splendidly' reminding us of how much better it sounds away from the doleful dirge the balladeers favour.
My Old Flame: now that's what you call a ballad - so poignant...
Brubeck's In Your Own Sweet Way: a pre-curser to tomorrow's concert at Gateshead Old Town Hall, Liam Noble's the Brubeck Project. Great tune and great player - Alan Glen.
More Brubeckiana, this time from Dave Digs Disney - Alice in Wonderland - a swingy jazz waltz.
Its You or No One: Moved along nicely with lots of tingling melodic flurries taking in the whole keyboard.
I Can't Get Started: gorgeous harmonies as Alan explored the seemingly endless possibilities of Vernon Duke's classic.
Just in Time: The inevitable big blast finale with David Carnegie as usual soloing to great effect.
Great set with especial mention of John Pope's bass-playing - The Pope has incorporated all the essential elements of the bass players armoury including humour and a welcome degree of showmanship.
Earlier, the Take It To The Bridge crew with Malcolm Dick on drums, - Eric has left to tend to his many other gigs i.e. Budvivar, Jazz Café, grandpaternal duties etc. - Chris Finch on an unexploding piano (see Big Band Festival report from Russell!) and Barry doing bass guitar whet our appetite for the delights to come.
Dan Reed, a young drummer from Prudhoe, had a blast on Hubbard's (Freddie not Mother) Up Jumped Spring and Wayne's (Shorter not John) Lester Left Town. The boy did good - jazz waltzes (Spring) aren't the easiest numbers to kick off on but he came through head held high - likewise on Lester he dug in and played confidently.
David C sat in on piano for the inevitable Blues (in F) for Duane and sent the room into orbit - nice one David.
Out front Dave W and Doug F added their own distinctive touches to Weaver of Dreams, Masquerade, Whisper Not and others.

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Liz said...

I love Mel Tormé singing "Whisper not"