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Saturday, September 30, 2023

A music shop for sale - but not just any old music shop ...

The news that J.G. Windows music store is up for sale due to the owner's retirement has given me a feeling of deep emotion, not least because I spent the last 32 years of my working life there.

I made many friends during that time, both staff and customers, and many of those friendships continue to this day.

If you worked at 'Windows' it was like being a member of a rather elite organisation. I recently spoke with another former employee, one much younger than me, and he said that having J.G. Windows on your c.v. didn't do you any harm at all.

Also, if you formed a band of all the musicians who at one time or another put in a shift behind the various counters you'd have a north east super group.

The asking price is half a million. I must have a chat with my bank manager - he's always wanting to have a chat with me...

Let's hope that a buyer comes forward The Central Arcade is as much a part of Newcastle city centre as Grey's Monument or the Bigg Market and, without J.G. Windows it wouldn't be the same. Lance


Patti said...

Absolutely, Lance - you were the first person I thought of, when I heard the news. Windows is such an icon - it can't disappear!

Brian said...

Lance, I can totally empathise with your sense of sadness and loss.
Along with countless others on Tyneside, I’ve been both a regular customer (and browser) at JG Windows for more than 60 years. Bought my first ‘new’ jazz records there in the early 1960’s. Also fortunate to have played on many occasions with members of its sales team who were prominent on the local jazz scene. It has to be a concern that JG Windows will go the same way as Banks of York which closed its doors recently along with several of its branches and moved its business online. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen and our iconic music store carries on as it has done since 1908. Just a thought, but maybe the rock superstars of Tyneside could chip in some of their loose change to make sure it does.

NeilC said...

Oh no !! The sense of sadness is only surpassed by concern given the store is so unique and given its history . When you look around the town the number of empty shops or those converted to the current trend of businesses such as nail bars and barber shops you have to be deeply concerned for its future as the business it is . It would be criminal to see it be anything other than a purveyor of all things musical so lets hope a sympathetic buyer comes forward .

Gordon Solomon said...

I do hope it continues as a music store, it really is an institution. I bought my first trombone there in 1962 from Ronnie McLean. It was a Boosey and Hawkes Emperor and cost £25 10s. I remember after about two weeks I took it back as the slide was very tight and Ronnie exchanged it for a brand new one! Good service indeed.

Brian Bennett said...

TV Writer and Photographer, Neil Atkinson wrote:
'In its own way, J G Windows was as important to the music scene as the City Hall, New Orleans Jazz Club and Club A GoGo and I hate the thought of it becoming yet another estate agent, trendy cafe or clothes shop.'
(from Facebook)

Bill Lee said...

I suppose such an event as the potential loss of J.G. Windows was inevitable and it is an
'ask not for whom the bell tolls' moment. A trip to Newcastle was never complete without trip to Windows and to come away without some music was generally unheard of. To browse was as important as making a purchase and would inevitably expand your desire for something next time.
It will be a huge loss if it does go and the Arcade will never look the same without those huge windows filled with objects of desire. We can only hope that the business is preserved for future generations.

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