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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Sunday Night @ the Globe: Eternal Triangle + Andy Champion - May 14

(© Ken Drew)
Eternal Triangle: Trevor Watts (saxes); Veryan Weston (keys); Jamie Harris (percussion)

I last saw Watts  and Weston six years ago at the Bridge Hotel and before that in 2013, and I'm told that Harris previously played with Watts at the Cluny, all for Jazz North East. But their respective reputations are well  founded in countless sessions and bands with various combinations of players over the years. Tonight we were looking forward to Eternal Triangle playing the music of Trevor Watts, with compositions originally inspired by rhythmic structures from Africa and South America alongside some European musical forms. Although the band’s combination was new to me, the expectant audience arrived early to the jazz bar upstairs at the Globe, knowing what treats were in store. It was to be a full house again!

From the off, it was apparent that a rhythmically-based set was ahead of us, with Harris providing a strong lead in that department. With a front row seat, it was a delight to see how Harris played his assorted congas and cymbals - all without sticks or mallets, but just with his bare hands. 

The range of rhythms encompassing various techniques were nicely varied throughout the set, providing a sound base for the tunes called by Watts (I didn't note them down alas) and played strongly by Watts and Weston. Most had an African feel to them (no surprises there, given Watts' leadership in his ‘Moiré Music’ ensemble in which he set his freewheeling jazz against African rhythms) and here the three blended well together in a variety of rhythmic styles. Whilst the congas were rather loud, Watts could always be heard. Weston also made his presence felt in a little more laid back way, adding various voices to the mix on the Nord - occasionally looking up smiling, and enjoying the gig. Overall, it was serious stuff, yet always providing a joyous sound which the audience, and band, took delight in being part of.      

(© Ken Drew)
Andy Champion: (double bass, FX pedals)

Andy Champion had opened up the evening with a solo set with just himself, his double bass, some effects pedals, and many years of experience. He's capable of playing in a variety of settings but he seems very comfortable indeed in putting his bass, its strings* and FX pedals through their paces. What could go wrong ?  Well, actually nothing, it was flawless. From the start there was an interesting slow crescendo of bowed strings which morphed into a suite of strings (courtesy of the carefully controlled FX) which then slowly morphed into single strings, which soon became staccato strings. Then at an increasing pace, a cacophony of strings.  And so it continued! 

Champion displayed complete control over the instrument, using the pedals to great effect, and the overall sound which was sonically complex, yet told a story, giving a wonderful sonic journey of a double bass out to enjoy itself and to provide stimulation and enjoyment to the audience. If this had been a recorded performance you would wonder how many hours it took to lay down those tracks. But in reality it was all performed in real-time, providing a wonderful and exhilarating sonic performance. Next time, can we hear more? Maybe several sections of a 'Suite for Double Bass'?  Please!  


So, a double bill providing an absolute treat for the audience, each set providing great contrasts in where unleashed jazz can take you. Finally, I've just seen that Olie Brice is running his 'Two Ships' Festival of improvised music at Hastings (on Sat 20th May) with Eternal Triangle being supported by Faye MacCalman (solo).   We must be doing something right at Jazz North East, for others to follow what we're doing in Newcastle! Ken Drew

* I recall and often relate the time in December 2013 when, after Marilyn Crispell & Raymond MacDonald had just played a duo set, they invited  Champion to join them for an encore. He slotted in comfortably, but mid-performance one of the strings of Champion's bass snapped. Gulp!  But, not least because it was a totally improvised set (he'd never played with them before) he carried on with three strings and two loose ends. Bravo! Not something he, nor I, nor the audience will likely ever forget.


Russell said...

Nice review, Ken. I seem to remember Andy breaking a string on another occasion. I've never seen any other double bass player break one string, let alone two!

Pam said...

Great review Ken. Two fabulous sets!
Andy Champion is a wizard his set was nothing short of astounding!

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