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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Album Review: Vicki Burns – Lotus Blossom Days

Vicki Burns (vocals); Art Hirahara (piano); Sam Bevan (bass/arr.); Billy Drummond (drums); Dayna Stephens (tenor/bari sax tks 3, 4, 12); Josh Deutsch (trumpet tks 1, 2, 9); Mas Koga (flute/bari sax tk 2); Nick Vayenas (trombone tks 1, 9)

An album from yet another very good jazz songstress who is accompanied by instrumentalists who are well on the money. This poses the reviewer, with the problem of what to say that is original. I must do it otherwise the Editor-In-Chief will sack me! Help!

Vicki Burns deserves better than the title of songstress. This lady has a pleasing wide-ranging voice, crystal clear diction, and she knows how to sing as if she means it, notably on the alluring Love Spell and on Coltrane's Equinox, where the vocal tones suggest a darker side to love. She duets with the bass on a couple of the tracks, actually singing the same notes wordlessly, which adds interest to scat.

Ms Burns hails from Maine USA, knew from childhood that she wanted to be a singer and, after studying music at New Hampshire University, soon became involved in jazz, singing in clubs in Boston, New York City and the San Francisco area. At present she performs in NYC and also teaches. This is her third album as leader.

The album is made up of three originals, Love Spell; Siren Song; You Don't Have to Believe; three standards; and six songs that began life as instrumentals. The songs chronicle the arc of a love affair, from seduction, through the bitter sweetness of a failing relationship, to a wider view of love, life and happiness. Quite a tall order for an album, but this just about manages the task, with skilled piano solos to add to the mix, and some interesting brass and sax input on some tracks.

Notable numbers include two deliciously decadent Strayhorn songs, and I quote lyrics from Bittersweet  'a string of promises tied in a knot of lies' (Roger Schore). Then we have You Don’t Have to Believe, flamenco style, a keys and drums duet and a lone trumpet to finish. Ms Burns’ Siren Song is sung as if she is the daughter of the siren, very original. The album is rounded off with a satisfactory love affair in the shape of the Arlen/Mercer song Out of This World, which allows our singer to display the higher part of her range.

The album is available everywhere from July 8. See HERE. Ann Alex

If You Never Fall in Love With Me/Del Sasser; Close Your Eyes; Love Spell; Lotus Blossom Days; Bittersweet; Watch Out/The Sidewinder; A Long Way to go/Equinox; It's Over Now/Well You Needn't; You Don't Have to Believe; This Time the Dream's on me ; Siren Song; Out of This World


Vicki Burns said...

Thank you VERY much for the review, Lance!!

All The Best,
Vicki Burns

Lance said...

Don't thank me Vicki - I just provided the nuts and bolts. Thanks must go to Ann Alex who provided the words!

Vicki Burns said...

Well then! Thank you SO much Ann Alex! Your review is much appreciated!

Marty Elkins said...

Congratulations on this great review. Can't wait to get my hot hands on this! (On F/b)

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