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Friday, March 25, 2022

Why Bunny Berigan couldn't get started.

Listening to Jim McBriarty singing I Can't Get Started this afternoon at the Crescent Club got me to thinking about the lyrics. Don't get me wrong, It's one of Vernon Duke's  greatest tunes and Jim sang it well. I even have a couple of 78 rpm versions of it by Bunny Berigan. One of the all time classic recordings but, Ira Gershwin's lyric!

We're asked to believe that some chick declined the advances of a guy who'd flown around the world in an aeroplane (in 1937, long before there was a travel shop in every shopping mall). He'd also settled revolutions in Spain, in between shooting under par rounds of golf and being consulted by President F.D. Roosevelt. In his spare time Greta Garbo had 'had' him, he boasted, for tea and, maybe also for breakfast.

He made a killing when he sold short on the stock market and when, on his flight around the world, he refuelled at the then London Airport he was invited to wine and dine at Buck House. I'm not sure whether this latter event took place before or after he was charting the North Pole or when he popped into Hollywood to negotiate with Metro Goldwyn who saw him as the next Clark Gable but I can understand why he couldn't get started with the object of his affections - he was never there! Lance


Hil said...

My late husband Mike Gilby sang that to me many times. It was 'our' song. You see I never took him seriously. I met him 5 years earlier in Newcastle. He played in Jimmy Bences band when they worked on the QE2. I was then living in London and he used to ring me and ask would I go to Ronnie Scott's. We married a year later in 1971. We had 3 wonderful children.

JERRY said...

Gershwin states in the penultimate verse:

"Pet, you devastated me."
Was he a closet Geordie?


Lance said...

Stars Fell on Alabama could also be Geordie related with Mitchell Parish's lyric rhyming glamour (glamma) and hammer (hamma) with Alabama.

Roly said...

When this song is mentioned I always think of local trumpeter Bobby Carr. It was his party piece (or one of them).

JERRY said...

I believe sharing a bed in their impoverished youth may have inspired Ira's Geordie classic: "Keep yer feet still Georgie, hinny"

Ann Alex said...

I think this song is one of the most amusing of jazz songs. It's obvious that the man is making up tall stories about himself and it also gives details about what Americans consider as important achievements.

jason60chev said...

Because she's so Supreme!

Wayne said...

That was my grandfather Bunny Berigan who played that tune. It was played at my brother's funeral.

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