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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Jazz UK

Well, Russell and I submitted our first North East Round-up to Jazz UK and things didn't go quite as planned...
Some typo gremlins got in - through no fault of our own - so it is apologies to the Saville (Savilly), Roly Veitch (Vetch), John Hallam (Halal) and John Hirst (Hirsute).


Sarah said...

Tea spray -> monitor esp. following the 'greatest drummer' post

Lance said...


Roly Veitch a.k.a. Vetch said...

OK Lance but no worries over Jazz UK. A bit of a giggle actually.
I suppose it could have been Savaloy Exchange and Enrico Tomato in which case one would have suspected some fiendish, virus ridden, illicit version of Spellcheck passed around as a computer worm or something. Actually I'm surprised some nurd hacker hasnt thought of some prank like that.
Its not your fault that happened and in fact I am very appreciative of the fact you and Russell thought it appropriate to give us a mention in the NE Review. I'm very chuffed about that. Honestly, its very much appreciated.

. said...

"tea spray" refers to the mess brought on by reading something extremely funny whilst drinking tea at the same time. As I'd read the 'greatest drummer' quote just before, I was very easily amused by the unfortunate typos.

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