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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bebop Spoken Here Tonight - BUDVIVAR and HARLEY JOHNSON TRIO - Splinter @ the Bridge.

Harley Johnson (pno), Jim Crinson (bs), Eric Stutt (dms).
Debra Milne (vcl), Nicola Weaver (alt/vcl), Fiona Littlewood (ten/vcl), Stuart Findon (ten/vcl), Chris Finch (pno), Jim Crinson (bs), Eric Stutt (dms/vcl).
The evening began with a bang in the form of the Harley Johnson Trio. This was possibly the loudest version of Softly as in a Morning Sunrise I've ever heard! It was also one of the best.
In fairness, I was sitting next to the stage and I got the full brunt of Harley's percussive pianistics and Eric's percussive percussion which, once my senses became attuned, was the best seat in the house.
It was a good set of mainly originals by the 18 year old pianist - Monk's Rhythm-a-ning being the only other non-original - Day Dream, Oh Dear! Oh Dear! and Eric's Conclusion the titles.
Eric and Harley display an amazing empathy with each paraphrasing the other. However, I felt it was slightly overdone causing it to appear as a rehearsed 'spontaneity' which I know it wasn't.
Nevertheless a good start to the evening by the triple generation trio.
Eric and Jim, who had been a tower of strength midst it all, stayed on for Budvivar's set of predominantly bop based themes.
An instrumental, Oleo led to their staple repertoire of Four, In Walked Bud Nica's Dream, etc.
Debra was in good voice tonight although Stu Findon didn't seem to be kicking as blisteringly powerful as usual. Tonight he was more Getz than Rollins.
Fiona played some nice things on There Will Never Be Another You and Nicola had a lovely alto chorus on You Go to My Head.
Chris Finch, undeterred by Harley's tour-de-force, did his own thing playing some good idiomatic solos and nice block chords.
Debra, the horns and Eric turned choir for Centrepiece which worked well as did the final Hit That Jive Jack - it always does.
A splendid night.
Next week it's Nick Pride and the Pimptones.

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