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Friday, April 16, 2010


Please note that the ZOE RAHMAN TRIO concert at Gateshead Old Town Hall takes place on APRIL 29 and not April 22 as publicised on this site and elsewhere.
Apologies for any inconvenience.
As part of the Jazz North East/Gateshead Council's Acoustic Piano Series it promises to be an outstanding concert.


Hil said...

I was one of the lucky ones who went to the Hilton Hotel, Jazz Festival Club and saw her perform live for free.

The after hours clubs are fab as you get to see and hear the best musicians just having a jam with their friends and fellow band members.

Sarah R said...

Hi Hil, this is the second time I've spotted this 'afterhours club' you speak of. Please share what, where, when, how, who is this after hours club thing. I want one of those. Thanks.

Hil said...

Hello Sarah,
This is the 1st year the jazz festival has worked with the Hilton Hotel, Gateshead to provide an after hours club. Most jazz festivals have them and often they are as entertaining (in some cases even more than the staged events of the festival. Check out the back of the brochures.
Usually they are free entry if you have been to a concert that evening.
Its really exciting to see some of the stars of the concerts appearing with other musicians. A local band is usually the base for the event. This time my son-in-law to be Mr Andy Champion was the only double bass player in the room and was so, until another double bass player was called to come down from his room to help out. (Andy he had already played in three bands that day, and had 2 gigs the next day)
I left the club at 2-30am (actually it was 3-30am as the clocks changed after listening to some great music played by great musicians...some of the 'tunes' lasted for 30 mins!
The next time your at a jazz festival, check out the after hours club, they are great fun.

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