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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tonight at the CLUNY

Not 1 but 2 bands - well, to be precise, maybe 1.75. Paul Bream - old Schmazzmo himself - states that Tony Buck drums with both bands. However, the official Schmazz postcard quotes Toby Hall as drummer with Australians - the ALISTER SPENCE TRIO - Alister on piano, Joe Williamson, bass and Toby Hall (or TB) on drums. You can hear a sample here. BEVAN, MORRIS, LASH & BUCK are Tony Bevan on tenor and - wait for it - BASS SAX! From the US of A, Joe Morris on guitar, Don Lash is on bass and the aforementioned Tony Buck, also from "down under", is "up and over" and definitely on drums. Tickets are £10/£8 (unwaged)/£5 (studs. and means tested benefits). Or £7/5/3 depending where your info comes from. Sounds like a good, albeit confusing, night is in prospect in this Schmazz/Jazz North-East co-promotion. Lance.

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