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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Ronnie Scott's 50 not out.

Living as far from the capital as I do I've never paid as many visits to 'Ronnie's' I'd have liked to. Nevertheless, I was pleased to note that BBC Breakfast TV paid tribute to the club's hallowed portals on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.
Think jazz in New York and the names Birdland, the Village Vanguard, the Blue Note and several others spring to mind. Think London and there is only one - Ronnie Scott's. This is with all due respect to the Bulls Head, 606 or Vortex. To the out of towner 'Ronnie's' is the place.
Over the years I've seen Stan Getz, Mingus, Buddy Rich, Buddy Greco possibly others that have slipped my memory. I wish there'd been more.
If you never heard the Rich Band within the confines of a relatively small room then you never heard the Rich Band. Likewise Mingus. His bass sound filled the club almost as much as his huge frame did! Buddy Greco was as cool and as hip as he still is. Getz, I seem to remember, was slightly disappointing. He always was when I heard him live. Of course, being 'disappointed' by Getz is akin to raving over just about anyone else!
I wish I'd been there on the legendary Sonny Rollins' night when he began his set outside and walked in playing - or so I've been led to believe - I do believe.
And let's not forget the late proprieter himself. Capable of holding his own alongside any of his illustrious guests.
Here's to the next 50 years - in the meantime, let's have your memories.


cptfinch said...

I've only been once, in 2007. Kenny Barron was playing. It was very enjoyable and I'd like to go back soon.
I recently read that Shelly Manne tried to recreate the atmosphere of Ronnie Scott's with his club 'Shelly's Manne Hole'.

Hil said...

Always loved Scotts. When I worked in London in the 60's it was a magnet for me (this was long before I was involved with a certain musician) Heard some of the best musicians and vocalists.
The high point for me was when my daughter sat in with the resident band for a couple of numbers. I was so proud and felt the photographs on the walls, of all the stars who have appeared there were looking down approvingly, smiling at her and wishing her well.
The photographic evidence is there on her myspace. Normally the management refuse to allow photographs to be taken. When I explained how important one photo would be for her Dad who was unable to travel...the manager gave his approval.