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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Maine Street Jazzmen @ Rosie Malone's South Shields.

Brian Chester (tmb), Derek Fleck (clt), Malcolm Armstrong (pno), Alan Rudd (bs), Tommy Graham (dms), Olive Rudd (vcl). + Peter Holdsworth (tpt).
The black-shirted jazzmen of Maine Street had yet another shift around this week. Brian Chester stayed on from last week whilst Derek Fleck returned temporarily from his self-imposed exile to partner Brian in some stomping New Orleans chestnuts.
"The Girls Go Crazy 'bout the Way I Walk" is normally chugged along by a banjo driven rhythm section but such is the power of Malcolm's two-fisted approach that a banjo would have been superfluous. Come to think of it ...
The feel today was more New Orleansy than usual with Fleck'n Chester bringing that down home feeling into their solos. "China Boy" jumped and Tommy Graham had a good break at the end.
Olive as ever provided the vocals and she delighted on "All of Me", a roof-raising "When You're Smiling", "Avalon" and, dedicated to yours truly, "I Wished on the Moon" - thank you Olive.
Peter Holdsworth escaped from his big band section work at Redworth Hall to blow on "Honeysuckle Rose" whilst Alan Rudd told the world, musically speaking, that tubas are passé.
Now, it's time for a night in to recharge in readiness for tomorrow night at The Saville Exchange with Roly, Keith, Caroline, Bruce and Tim Kliphuis.

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