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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Show (Snow) Must Go On. Jazz Esquires at The Porthole Dec. 1st 2010.

Miles Watson tpt. & vocal, Andy Lee sax, Roy Gibson keys, Robin Douthwaite gtr, Stan Nicholson bass, Dave Bosomworth vcl & audience, Len Abram audience.
In the bleak midwinter the Jazz Esquires maintained their record of not succumbing to the elements by performing to a much depleted audience at the Porthole today, in total two.
Special mention to Len Abram who comes every week from Darlington to hear the band, he said the hardest part of the journey was from Newcastle on the Metro. As for the band, we enjoyed it, playing an hour and a half without an interval and trying out some newer numbers, jazz just gets you that way.
Miles Watson.
PS I can remember 1941 & 1947 they were real winters.


Lance said...

I'd take my hat off to you if it wasn't so cold.

Roly said...

Ah yes, the winter of 1946.
I remember it well.
Not really.
My mum was in labour at my grandma's house - Uncle Wilf had to trudge through knee deep snow to seek the family doctor (no phones in those days) who in turn had to battle through the snow on foot, with all his gear, to ensure my safe arrival. Phew!

Dominic Rivron said...

We're down to play at Darlington market this evening! That'll be a fingerless glove and balaclava job if ever there was one!

Liz said...

The thing about that treacherous winter of '46 was that people were far more Central heating & few cars so we were used to toughing it...Radio was our way of listening to our music & sing songs around the piano at home, another world really.

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