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Friday, December 10, 2010

RIP James Moody.

We knew it wouldn't be long but it was still a shock when the news came through.
What a beautiful player he was, whether on tenor, alto or flute James Moody had such a lovely sound. He played Newcastle Jazz Festival and the Corner House both superb gigs. As well as his playing his sense of humour also shone through.
James Moody died December 9 aged 85.
He will be missed the world over.


Hil said...

So sad to hear of James Moody's passing.

Just listened to Easy Living, it really does tug at my heart strings.


Eric M. Stutt said...

I have admired James Moody's tenor playing for years. The last gig I saw him play was at Allendale of all places - a good pub though. I even got his autograph and he signed, and I quote, "To Eric with spiritulistic love James Moody" he even did a little cartoon graphic, what a gent. He will be sadly missed, but we still have his records forever.
Regards Eric M Stutt

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