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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Preview: Jazz North East presents:IG HENNEMAN’S KINDRED SPIRITS Friday 3rd Dec 8.00pm Gateshead Old Town Hall

From Paul Bream's 'Jazz Alert':
Ab Baars (reeds); Axel Dorner (trumpet); Lori Freedman (clarinet & bass clarinet); Ig Henneman (viola); Marilyn Lerner (piano); Wilbert de Joode (bass) Last Friday, caught unawares by the late evening blizzard, I had to walk five miles home after the Killer Shrimp gig. Not a pleasant experience, but for this Kindred Spirits gig I’d willingly cover twice the distance, and, if absolutely necessary, swim across the Tyne. I might perish of hypothermia, but I’m sure I’d go out with a smile on my face. Ig Henneman, Ab Baars and Wilbert de Joode are leading members of the Amsterdam scene, Lori Freedman and Marilyn Lerner are Ig’s partners in the all-woman Dutch/Canadian trio Queen Mab, while Germany’s Axel Dorner is a new collaborator brought in specially for a short European tour in celebration of Ig’s 65th Birthday. After their first rehearsal, on Monday of this week, Ab wrote that “Ig has written strong, wonderful & touching music. Group sounds great, lots of colours and breath, wide open improvisations.” So this is a unique and unmissable gig, and it’s of huge credit to Tyneside and the local audience that Ig wanted to bring the sextet here, putting us in the same league as major cities like Prague, Cologne and Munich – so let’s not disappoint her. Because of the weather conditions, Jazz North East are aiming to get things finished by 10.15 at the latest, but my bet is that we’ll all wish it could go on much, much longer.
Paul Bream.
Tickets £10.00 £8.00 concessions from 0191 433 6965

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