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Friday, December 31, 2010


As we approach the year end I'd like to take this opportunity of thanking all those who have helped us to knock up 100,616 page views (with 4 hours to go) this year.
So thank you Russell, Bill, Ann, Liz, Jerry, Roly, Colin, Brian B, Adrian, George, Sarah R, Miles, Tommy Henderson, Maurice Summerfield, Hil, LondonJazz, Ashington Jazz Club, and other contributers and advocates.
And to those who have yet to comment please throw away your inhibitions and make it one of your New Year's Resolutions for 2011 to let us have your thoughts.
PS: Apologies if I've overlooked anyone.


Roly said...

Thanks and all the best Lance.
Congratulations on what was a great idea in the first place and for bringing it to where it is now. Fantastic.

The LondonJazz site said...

Congrats and best wishes for '11Lance. You set the standard for the rest of us!

Robert Laing said...

Well done on the blog Lance, and all the best for the forthcoming year. I would also like to thank you for the recommended reading material for Xmas that you suggested to my other/better half. She duly followed your advice and it has been invaluable and interesting reading while I have been recovering from swine flu over the last week or so. Thanks again.

Liz said...

All the best Lance, you know my sentiments, you do have one helluva site here...well done & power to your elbow in the coming year

Ann Alex said...

Lance, Thanks for the appreciation, I enjoy the writing I do for the blog. Perhaps by next year the blog will be internationally famous, or is it already?

Lance said...

Well Ann, Ned Kelly's Last Stand in Hong Kong isn't exactly Tyne and Wear and nor is New Jersey or New York. We also have links with sites in Sweden and Switzerland as well as a couple of ex-pats in Brittany so I guess we are internationally known if not quite famous.

. said...

Very miserably down with a chest infection, I cheered myself up to come on here for my daily feed. I wish you a very healthy and very interesting new year for your writing implement, Labour o' love Lance, Sarah.

Lance said...

Sarah, I've just returned early from the Jazz Café for the very same reason. I too am chestified and taking doses of Well's Bombadier to combat it.
There seems to be a bug going round - that easy excuse people roll out for any ailment!

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