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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Paul Gamblin - the last farewell.

There are inevitably two elements to a funeral. Two contrasting ones. The first, the sadness that pervades when you realise that a person, a friend or, in my case, a musician whose playing I greatly admired, is no more.
That is the mood you are in upon arrival.
Then, you look around and you see all these people - young and old - here to pay their respects, and you start to feel better.
Today was the day that I wished I'd known Paul better. Wished I'd known him as I'd known his father - both were great guitarists. However, after I'd left the chapel I felt I had known him and did know him and the heartfelt eulogies expressed by family and friends only served to emphasise that feeling.
Leaving to the music of Barney Kessel was just perfect.
I was unable to attend the musical celebration afterwards at the Rugby Club but, knowing that Roly Veitch, Neil Harland, Jeremy McMurray, Tim Johnston, Ruth Lambert, Stu Collingwood, Graham Hardy, Dave Cliff, Mike Waller - to mention but a few - were around, Paul, I feel, would be smiling contentedly.

1 comment :

Roly said...

All credit to Ruth who organised the music, ensured all the gear was there and set up and selflessly looked after everyone. That included her playing some very sympathetic guitar behind Paul's oldest daughter who sang beautifully a very touching version of Autumn Leaves.

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