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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Customs House Big Band + Ruth Lambert. Open rehearsal @ the New Crown, South Shields.

There's Nowt as Funny as Folks!
Take Wednesday night at Customs House. Big Band and Ruth played to capacity audience - tickets were £11 (£9 for us aad gits) and the buggers loved it! So wouldn't y' think that when same people had opportunity to hear band and singer for nowt, in a pub that sells good cheap ale, they would be queuing like they did in wartime clutching ration book to buy a tin of spam!
Not on your nelly - they stayed in and watched Emmerdale!
Still that was their loss! Sandra the saxophone, myself, Brenda the voice and Tim - along with a few wayfaring strangers enjoyed the first half rehearsal and the second half concert.
The rehearsal set included a blues by Maynard Ferguson and the popular jazz standard Four.
This latter item had some interplay - or should it be Four-play? - among the saxes whilst the Fergie tune was a demonstration of how to get the dynamics of a phrase right - educational.
For the concert proper Ruth was on hand looking street elegant in long cardi, jeans and boots.
My Funny Valentine, Paper Moon, S'wonderful and Come Fly With Me were Ruth's five star renditions whilst the band goosed What The World Needs Now, Nestico's Fun Time and Jersey Bounce.
Sale of the Century (well it is only 2010!)
Next open rehearsal Nov 2 STSP.

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