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Billy Cobham: "Miles said to us, 'Don't play in between takes,' so of course John [McLaughlin] played in between takes." - (JazzTimes, Nov. 2019).


Today Friday November 22



Sue Ferris Trio - The Merry Monk, 30 Market Place, Bishop Auckland DL14 7NP. 1:00pm. £5.00. Pub adjacent to Bishop Auckland Town Hall.

Rendezvous Jazz - Monkseaton Arms, Front Street, Monkseaton NE25 8DP. Tel: 0191 251 3928. 1:00pm. Free.


Mick Shoulder Quintet - Traveller's Rest, West Auckland Road, Darlington DL3 9ER. 8:00pm. (doors 7:30pm). £8.00. Opus 4 Jazz Club.

Tenement Jazz Band - Theatre Hullabaloo, Borough Road, Darlington DL1 1SG. Tel: 01325 405405. 8:00pm. £14.00. Darlington NOJB.

Blues/Soul/Funk etc.

Ishmael Ensemble - Cobalt Studios, Boyd Street, Newcastle NE2 1AP. 8:00pm. £7.47.

Catfish Keith - Old Cinema Launderette, Marshall Terrace, Durham DH1 2HX. 8:30pm. £18.00. + £1.80. bf.

The Odels - Billy Bootleggers, Nelson St, Newcastle NE1 5AN. 9pm. Free.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

New Century Ragtime Orchestra - Jazz at the Fell.

Jim McBriarty, Gavin Lee, Steve Andrews (reeds), Caroline Irwin, ? , (cor), Neville Hartley (tmb), ? (vln), Phil Rutherford (sousa), Keith Stephen (bjo/gtr), Pete Soulsby (dms).
Liverpool play Sunderland tomorrow without Stephen Gerrard. The New Century Ragtime Orchestra played Jazz at the Fell tonight without Caroline's cheerful chirping.
Our Fair Lady was recuperating from a sore throat and, as such, her activities were restricted to blowing second cornet.
Truly disappointing. However, troupers that they are, the Centurians still gave a fine performance of hot dance music from in and around the First World War.
Jimmy Mac supplied most of the vocals, including a spirited rendition of "Putting on the Ritz". Jim also played clarinet, alto and baritone. "Doing the new Lowdown" was another peppy number with an Hawkinsian solo from Steve that inspired the dancers to take to the floor.
It has to be said that, when it comes to dancing, The Fell outshines any of its peers. Apart from Mr and Mrs Pollard who are inevitably at the centre of any light fantastic tripping there was another couple who, I swear heavens to Betsy, were doing the Turkey Trot!
I can't criticise this band. It is what it is and it probably does it as good as if not better than any other band playing in this style. NCRO I take off my dark brown derby to you. Caroline, the Gee's Linctus is on me.
The moral of tonight's gig? Sunderland - don't take Liverpool, without Gerrard or t'other fellow, for granted.

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