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Monday November 23



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Monday, October 19, 2009

Good Music and Good Food @ The Cherry Tree Restaurant. Chris Hibbard & The Paul Edis Trio.

Chris Hibbard (tmb), Paul Edis (pno), Mick Shoulder (bs), John Hirst (dms).
I'd been planning a visit to the Cherry Tree Restaurant on Jesmond's Osborne Road since they began the Monday night jazz sessions last month. I'm sorry I waited so long.
It was both a musical and a culinary experience.
I'd heard Chris Hibbard with the VOTNJO and its offshoot "Splinter" so I knew he was a top calibre trombonist. However, never having heard him in a small group setting I was curious as to what would emerge.
What did emerge was some lovely full toned playing reminiscent of the rich dry sound guys like Kai Winding and JJ used to get. Poetry.
A mix of standards and jazz classics such as "I'm Old Fashioned", "I Love You", "Come Rain or Come Shine", "Black Orpheus" a Herbie Hancock (remind me Paul) "Secret Love", "Beautiful Love", "Little Sunflower" and so on - you've got the picture.
Behind Chris, Paul, Mick and John Hirst were their usual consistent selves. What more do want for a tenner?
Well what you get is a two course meal as well as the music.
The food is superb.
For starters I had Fresh Squid with Smoked Paprika and Belly Pork all served in a delicious Sherry Vinegar. Succulent was the word that sprang to mind. For my main course I chose Venison Ragu on Fresh Egg Pappadelle and topped with Parmesan Cheese - mmmmm - give the chef a knighthood
The third course is optional.
I opted.
Tart Bourgunion with Vanilla Ice Cream.
Good food, good service and good music - is there a better recipe?
Getting back to the music, during the interval Jackie Cowan, pianistic veteran of clubs, cruises and cabaret, played a couple of numbers and demonstrated that he hasn't lost his touch. "You Make Me Feel So Young" and a medley that included "The Way You Look Tonight" made for a contrast. Nice to hear you again Jackie.
PS: For afters I called in at the Corner House where the Vieux Carré Jazzmen purveyed their brand of New Orleans fayre.


JERRY said...

Now who's gone all foody?

P.S. Glad you had a similar experience to ours.

Lance said...

Why did I know this comment would follow?
I hold my hand up and apologise for editing your foodicism - I hadn't realised it could be so good.
If we ever meet up the crisps are on me.

Lance said...

As an act of contrition I quote in full Jerry Edis' remarks.
"The special menu tonight, which I assume will be a regular feature, was absolutely excellent, offering variety and, at £10 for two courses or £13 for three, remarkable value. Mrs.Edis and I both went for the hot-smoked salmon with cheese and onion waffle, a delightful starter with big, flaky chunks of succulent salmon. For mains, I had silver bream with courgette and preserved lemon cous-cous. The couscous was beautifully flavoured and the fish had, from somewhere, a hint of tandoori about it: an intriguing and spicy mix of flavours. Paul’s mum had cassoulet with confit chicken, Toulouse sausage and herb crust and pronounced it excellent – this from someone who normally avoids chicken in restaurants on the grounds that “I can do chicken at home…” The portions for starters and mains were not huge, but that suited us fine, as it20left room for desserts: a beautifully clean lemon posset and a double chocolate cake with vanilla mascarpone, respectively. Without drinks, our bill worked out at £31, which included a 10% service charge – as I said before, remarkable value and not at the expense of choice or quality. We ate recently for more than twice the price elsewhere in Newcastle (I lie, it was Gateshead!) and went home disappointed."

JERRY said...

Savile Exchange, Friday? Mine's salt and vinegar.

Lance said...

You can have salt or vinegar - not both!

Liz said...

Amazing that this restaurant gets so busy for a monday night, and so reasonable, sure do wish it was local to me!

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