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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Hampton Hawes on 3

Yesterday, all my troubles were so far away as I was listening to Alyn Shipton's Radio 3 feature on Hampton Hawes.
An excellent selection of 11 discs including an early trio recording of "I Got Rhythm". The reason I quote this particular track is that I once owned the LP that it came from. I say 'once' as I loaned it out and I can't remember to whom I loaned it to! This was about 30 years ago so I don't suppose he/she'll come forward now. It was Hawes' first trio recording for Contemporary and is, arguably, the finest piano trio recording ever made (I did say 'arguably'!)
But they were all good selections by Alyn including another fave of mine - Art Pepper's "Surf Ride".
Hampton Hawes was a wonderful and ultimately tragic player.


Russell said...

Hi Lance

The Hawes' LP pictured is one I recently acquired second hand. I wonder...


Lance said...

Does it have a 30 year old beer stain on the sleeve? If so that is it!

Russell said...

Hi Lance

Stain-free, therefore guilt-free!


cptfinch said...

Thanks for this Lance! As you know I'm a big Hampton Hawes fan and agree with these 3 Trio albums being some of the best ever made.

Lance said...

The album pictured is on Spotify and I'm delighted to observe that time hasn't coloured my memory - it is still marvelous.
More amazing is that, after all these years I can still remember a lot of the solos such is the lasting impression it must have had!

Roly said...

A pal once gave me three cassettes of a live session, Hampton Hawes Quartet incl. a young Jim Hall.
Stonking stuff. Hawes just plays on and on, chorus after chorus of exhilarating solos. In fact you get the impression he found it hard to stop such was the never ending flow of ideas. Memorable stuff. One of the great jazz pianists.

Alan Rudd said...

Regarding the HAMPTON HAWES Trio LP pictured, I happen to have this album on CD. The trio is Hampton Hawes (Piano) Red Mitchell (Bass), and Chuck Thompson (Drums), and the 10 tracks were recorded in June 1955.

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